Ad of the Week: Reebok - Be More Human

Our Ad of the Week is the campaign Reebok launched around 12 months ago.  It's biggest brand campaign in over a decade, 'Be More Human' aligns nicely to Reebok's new positioning in the competitive global fitness category.  Reebok has worked hard to establish strong and strategic partnerships such as the Spartan Race and with combat sports athletes such as Jon Jones and Johny Hendricks, as well as the Ultimate Fighting Championship and new footwear and apparel lines.  Our verdict?  Clever, inspiring and rich visuals that cleverly convey the new brand story.  

Brand Love: Harper and Harley

Fans of the mega successful style blog Harper and Harley?  So are we.  It's the epitome of chic, pared back dressing.  We are huge fans of Sara Donaldson's minimalist dresscode of black, white and grey.  Sara studied marketing at Uni and loved fashion but found it almost impossible to break into the industry, so started blogging.   461k insta followers later, Sara's blog has had meteoric success and she was able to quit her 'day job' in 2014 to focus on the business full time.

What we love about this story is the old adage: focus on what you love doing and your own way of doing things.  Success will come.

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Ad of the Week: Burger King

A few weeks ago, McDonalds installed a rather large and ludicrous (pretty entertaining) billboard in France that displayed absurdly lengthy driving directions to the nearest Burger King drive-thru. The point, of course, was that McDonald's was just 5 kilometers away from that particular location and is always close by when you need it, while Burger King isn't. In this instance it was 258 km away.

We've been waiting to see a response from Burger King to the stunt. And here it is—a new video that shows the McDonald's billboard, and how one couple driving past it apparently reacted. Burger King comically turned the issue from one of simple availability into one of exclusivity. While freely acknowledging that it has fewer locations, Burger King is flattering its customers by suggesting they have better taste and are willing to go farther, quite literally, for their food.

Nicely done.